Alexandria Bay's 41st Annual Vintage Boat Show

Date Jul 13, 2019 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Excitement is building for the 41st Annual Vintage Boat Show in Alexandria Bay, NY.

The boats entered include cruisers, yachts, runabouts, utilities, launches, race boats, canoes, skiffs and more that will be carefully evaluated for originality and overall condition by teams of skilled judges, and awards are given in each category. In addition, visitors are provided with ballots to vote for the boat that they feel is the best in the Show. Their decision determines the winner of the coveted Peoples Choice Award. Among the special awards each year is the prestigious Renaissance Cup. This trophy is given to a well preserved boat that for many years has been and continues to be an important part of the Thousand Islands culture.

The Alexandria Bay Vintage Boat Show is unique among shows because it recognizes the value of well-maintained working boats and employs a scoring system that accommodates the minor flaws which are often the result of frequent use.  The judging system at this Vintage Show is designed to accommodate both working boats and show boats, together, in a fair and equitable way.  The goal of the Show is to encourage participation of a wide range of vintage craft that would include attractive “user” river boats that are in everyday use as well as outstanding “show boats” that are less frequently used.  Neither a user boat nor an exclusive show boat has an advantage over the other in scoring.  The key to accomplishing this goal successfully rests in the sensible application of the scoring system by allowing the common characteristics associated with frequent use (not abuse) to be granted more tolerance.