Campground Rules


We hope you will enjoy camping with us at 1000 Islands Campground. We encourage the campground as its own community and have a few requests that we hope you will follow:

Site Occupancy:

With the exception of the Cabins, each site is allowed to facilitate up to 6 people. Each tent site can accommodate up to two tents per reservation. If you need additional sites we'd be happy to facilitate your request.


Check in:

Check in is 3 PM on the date of your reservation. We understand that you may arrive a bit early. In some cases the site may be available before 3 PM so please call ahead on the date of your arrival if you plan to arrive early so we can try to accommodate.  


Quiet Time:

Quiet time is from 10 PM to 8 AM and is strictly enforced for respect of others. Please turn all music and radios down to a level which the sound is contained to the site, please keep campfire banter to a respectable level. If your neighbors can hear you the next site over it’s considered to be too loud. You will only have one warning before you will be asked to leave without a refund.

Owners reserve the right to adjust time quiet times for specific events such as the 1000 Islands River Run and other events. Please contact the owners if you have any questions. 


We accept all non-aggressive pets. Aggressive breeds include Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds. However, exceptions can be made upon request A copy of the proof of vaccination will be required at check-in. Please, keep your pet on a leash and restrained at all times while outside of your camping unit. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Leashing and curbing your pet is required and if not done may forfeit the campers reservation at the owners discretion. Please keep your pets quiet for the enjoyment of fellow campers.

Fire Pits:

Please burn wood logs and paper only in your fire pit. Please do not burn TRASH. This includes but is not limited to: Paper, plastic and Styrofoam plates, cups, bottles, utensils, bags, containers, and aluminum, tin and plastic cans and bottles, empty cigarette packs, food. Do not move the fire ring as there may be a additional charge for site repairs. If your situation requires movement of the fire ring please contact the staff for assistance.

Check out:

Check out time is 11AM. We believe in the policy of “Leave No Trace.” When you check out, please take all trash to the dumpsters between the bathroom and shower buildings, and pick loose papers, cans, bottles, and cigarette butts. Please don’t leave things like broken tents, chairs, or grills.

Thanks for honoring our requests. If our staff is required to spend additional time cleaning up a site a $25 charge will be applied to your credit card on file for having to call staff on site to clean