Q:I have a few additional questions that I can find on the website. How can I get my questions answered?
A: The 1000 Islands Campground's staff is here for you. There are multiple ways to contact us. You can call us anytime at 1-315-686-9600 which we will normally respond in the same day. Additional ways to contact us are by email at: info@1000islandscampground.com or Facebook messenger under our Facebook page. 

Q:How do I pay for my site?
A: The 1000 Islands Campground's website was optimized to take online reservations to allow the customer to choose the site they wanted. However the staff are more then willing to take phone calls and process the information over the phone. All sites reserved are paid for at the time of reservation on a credit card.

Q: I don't see the RV, Cabin, Tent icon to select after I chose my dates?
A: If you do not see the type of site your looking for it indicates the dates chosen are unavailable/reserved.  Please call 1-315-686-2600 and our staff can look at the reservation system to try to accommodate your request.  

Q: I attempted to make multiple reservations but receive a "Duplicate Reservation" error. What does this mean?
A: Unfortunately the issue your experiencing is a security feature which credit card companies have implemented (double charging the same price) for your protection. This normally occurs when a customer attempts to reserve 2 sites of the same type at the same price within a short time peroid. There are a few ways around the issue. If a different credit card is used to reserve a second site the issue will not be present. If another credit card is not available please call 1-315-585-2600 and the staff at the 1000 Islands Campground can make the reservation in their system to bypass the issue.

Q: When attempting to put my credit card information in I received the following: "Automatic Credit Card Filling is Disabled Because this Form does not use a Secure Connection." Is your site unsecured?
A: Our embedded site is secure and uses secure processing in all transactions. This normally is found when using specific versions of Google Chrome. Our supporting merchant processing company is currently working with Google to try to come up with a solution so customers do not have to experience these issues in the future. If you do not have the availability to use another web browser please call 1-315-686-2600 and our staff can accommodate your reservation.



Q: I know NYS doesn't allow the transportation of Firewood beyond a 50 mile radius. Is there firewood available?
A: We do have firewood available.

Q: I'm renting a cabin. What should I bring?
A: Our cabins are fully furnished dry cabins that have a barbecue on the deck. You will need to bring bedding and cutlery for your stay in the cabins.

Q: What is a Dry Cabin?
A: A dry cabin is a cabin that does not have a waterline thus no sink or restroom in the cabins. Water is available in the rear of the cabins. Restroom and the shower house is conveniently located near the cabins. 



Q: Are there any grocery stores or restaurants nearby?
A: Within a 6-7 mile radius there are 2 grocery stores and roughly 25 restaurants. In the front of the campground we are lucky to have the greatest convenience store with deli and the absolute best Ice Cream in New York State. With scoops the size of baseballs I dare you to try to eat a large cone.